Over my last seven years at Sky I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Matt on many occasions and for extended periods of time. As a result of this I feel that Iʼm in a position to make a very good assessment on Mattʼs expertise and knowledge during post production. In my opinion Matt Butcher is probably the best Visual Effects Artists that I have ever worked with!

Firstly, the vast knowledge and experience that Matt brings into the Flame suite is always apparent as heʼs working. It is very rare to have complete trust in someoneʼs abilities but Matt is definitely one person that I can hand over my 3D assets to and be reassured that they are in safe hands. His compositing of very complex 3D elements is second to none and it has been great to see his skills at dealing with vast amounts of 3D files, improve each year. His abilities to know what should be handed over from a 3D pipeline to the Flame is just another side where Matt is now very pro-active whilst working on a project. Matt is definitely not someone who will sit back and wait around until given something to do but will try to always think and plan ahead to help a project. In my opinion Matt should be compositing more 3D orientated projects, as he has gained skillʼs that may have been overlooked due to working on Sportʼs projects with myself.

Matthewʼs rotoscoping is the best that I have seen out of anyone in Sky and his grading abilities are fantastic and always spot on . If there is anyone at Sky who should control the final look of a sequence, in my opinion it should be him.

In addition to his skill as an operator he also is able to take direction very well and nothing is every a problem if you ask him to do something. Matt is also able to give constructive opinions when needed and can bring a creative flare to a project which is again a big bonus. He is always on time and you will always get 110% from him with every session and will also do what ever is needed to finish a project. Matt Butcher is a pleasure to work with, a huge asset to Sky Creative and will continue to be my first choice when choosing a Visual Effects Artist to work with.

Justin Bates   Art Director - Visual Effects Supervisor - 3D Artist.

There is little I need to say about Matt, the calibre of the work he has produced speaks for itself.

Always the first to be requested, Matt consistently exceeds the high expectations demanded of him. 

His eye for detail combined with great technical prowess stands him apart from others within his field.

If it’s excellence you require – look no further than Matt Butcher.

Mark Hyde   Creative Design Director   Sky Creative

I have been fortunate to work with Matt on numerous productions of varying size, budget and timescale, within the live-action and post production environments. He has consistently delivered to the high standards, and often beyond, required by myself and my clients. Matt is hardworking and conscientious, with a strong creative drive and an attention to detail. It is always apparent that Matt has the enthusiasm and desire to produce great work.

Adam Wells   Director  gotgotneed

“Matt is an exemplary employee and colleague. He is always calm and focussed on the job in hand, whether on location or in a suite. A perfectionist with a great eye, highly technical/creative and a team player. He sets extremely high standards for himself, and follows through. He is very popular amongst clients and colleagues. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt.”

Nassreen Akhtar   Creative Production/Facilities & Operations Manager   BSkyB Creative